Safety Relief Valve

SAFETY RELIEF VALVE Spring Loaded Safety Valve...



Spring Loaded Safety Valves or Safety Relief Valves are the most commonly used relieving safety device.
Spring Loaded Safety Relief Valves are designed to automatically discharge the accumulation of fluid from any pressure containing system, preventing a predetermined safe pressure being exceeded and protecting plant & personnel.
The basic elements of a spring-loaded PSV/SRV include an inlet nozzle mounted in valve body, which is connected to the vessel or system to be protected, a movable disc which controls flow through the nozzle and a spring which controls the position of the disc.


  • Opening Pressure :Is the value of increase inlet static pressure at which there is a measurable lift of the disc or at which discharge of the fluid becomes continuous.

  • Relieving Conditions :The term of relieving condition is used to indicate the inlet pressure and temperature on a Pressure relief device during an overpressure condition.