Pilot Operated Pressure Control Valve

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These Self Actuated Pressure Control valves have an edge over conventional control valves as these do not require any auxiliary inputs like pneumatic line, electricity or hydraulic line. These PCV operate on the basis of signal received from line fluid itself.

The basic working principle for Pilot Pressure reducing valve is force balance only. However, this is meant for the fine and precise pressure control when flow requirement is high. The pilot valve basically is a direct acting PCV only. The fluid from pilot and the main line acts on either side of the main valve actuator diaphragm resulting in the most precise reading of deviation in the controlled parameter and in turn the best performance for pressure control.

Back Pressure Regulation / Control : These are designed to respond to the smallest rise in pressure at inlet and allow the excess pressure at outlet affecting protection of equipments and helping the efficiency of equipments like pumps and compressors. These are also used as Pressure Holding Valves as they hold the pressure at upstream.

Self Actuated Design : This series of back pressure regulating valves are self actuated or self contained and hence, do not require any external energy like pneumatic air or electricity to operate.