Direct Operated Pressure Control Valve

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The basic working principle for this is force balanced principle achieved by spring diaphragm mechanism. The fluid pressure acts on the wider area of diaphragm and the balancing force is provided by the spring. Thus fluid force itself is an operating media and the best control is achieved even for the smallest deviation in controlled parameter as its acting on the wider area of diaphragm.


Self Actuated Design : This series of pressure regulating valves are self actuated or self contained and hence, do not require any external energy like pneumatic air or electricity to operate.
Precise Pressure Control : The precise outlet pressure control is achieved with this design affecting efficient response capability and accuracy
Easy Maintenance : The maintenance and inspection of the pressure regulating valve internals is possible without removing body from pipe line.
Resistant Adjustment : Cap and adjusting screw discourage on-field tampering of the pressure setting.
Load absorbing Diaphragm assembly : Special load absorbing diaphragm assembly prevents diaphragm failure during heavy load.
Leakage Proof: Combination of metallic and soft seat enables the leakage class VI as per ANSI FCI 70.2.